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Backpacking is the ultimate adventure!
It’s just you, maybe some friends, and your backpack against the world. It’s the true test of your skills. Whether you are backpacking through nature, a foreign landscape, or just touring, the challenge of backpacking is all about taking what you need without overpacking. Can you stuff everything you need into a single bag? Can you create lasting memories that will have you smiling at the office when you think about the breath-taking views you can only deeply appreciate when you’ve backpacked there?  

The difference between a backpacking trip that brings laughs and smiles after and one that inspires hatred and rage when you bring it up at the next BBQ, is not forgetting the essential items.    

Carefully packing your backpack is an art form - a puzzle of keeping the weight down without leaving anything out. It’s why you love it and hate it at the same time.  
Pack your backpack without worry with our FREE Backpacking Essentials Checklist - a list of the essential items every trip needs to ensure it's all laughs, not all tears.
Primary Stuff Item #2:  The single most forgotten item that while save you a ton of back pain over the course of your trip.
First Aid Item #3:  Keeping these in your first aid kit is essential to having a highly enjoyable backpacking - it’s the difference between enjoy world-renown vistas vs spending your trip indoors.
Gear Item #1:  The name of the game here is light-weight gear. That’s why we suggest carrying a lighter, instead of a fire starter kit.
Gadgets Item #7:  This is one of the least thought about items when you go backpacking, but if things take a turn for the worse, you’ll want to be sure you have one of these around to prevent damage to your gear.
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